The Square Bowl Gallery

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  Bowl 1  

Made from: Very Curly African Mahogany, Wenge corners with inlay on 4 sides.

Measurements: length 15.5" width 11.5" height 4.0"

This bowl is made from the best example of curly Mahogany I've ever seen.

  Bowl 2  

Made from: African Padauk with black & yellow Corian.

Measurements: length 19.25" width 12.5" height 4.25"

This bowl has a 1" offset that creates a unique visual effect.

  Bowl 3  

Made from: African Padauk, Yellowheart & Wenge.

Measurements: length 16" width 12.5" height 3.75"

This bowl has a 1" offset while maintaining a true bowl shaped center


  Bowl 4  

Made from: Sapele and Padauk

Measurements: length 21.5" width 17.5" height 4.75"

This bowl was sliced into 5 pieces and held in place by the Padauk.


These bowls are made from naturally occurring colored wood, with a teak oil finish.