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"square turned bowl"

Artist Statement

I see the world as a collective. As a member of that collective I can decide to contribute or not. My personal belief is that I should try to do my part and I do so through my bowls. Each bowl, though unique, represents this coming together for the sake of the whole.  I often use multiple exotic woods when creating each piece. I know how the different woods work together so I am careful in how I put them together in my designs. I see a parallel between the colors and grains with people of our society.  Individually they are beautiful, but collectively they become an even greater presence. 


Another way I my bowls represent this idea of coming together, is through my donating them to causes I believe in like, The Make a Wish Foundation of WNY, the St. Francis Guild of Mount St. Mary’s Hospital, Niagara Hospice, Niagara University’s Castellani Art Museum's education program, and the Dale Askey Memorial Art Fund. Giving my work to charity gives me a great amount of satisfaction knowing I am helping others through my art.  I especially enjoy giving to children’s charities.